Membership & Volunteering

Support Prospect Farm!

Volunteer, become a member, or friend of the farm. Prospect Farm is proud to have partnered with and Crop Mob create volunteer opportunities.


Anyone can volunteer an hour, day or more to Prospect Farm with no commitment. You can find volunteer opportunities listed here. Email Prospectfarmbk |at| gmail |dot| com to join our mailing list.


Members work on the farm an average one hour
per week or 52 hours a year and contribute
$25 per year. Members may purchase farm products at a 50% discount.

Friends contribute $100 per year and may purchase
farm products. Friends will be invited to all events and receive updates on farm progress.

Join Now for 2011
Please make your check out to Prospect Farm
and give to a volunteer at the member table or send to:  Prospect Farm
1194 Prospect Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11218.

Other Ways to Help
Sign up on our volunteer list for monthly opportunities by emailing us: Prospectfarmbk |at| gmail |dot| com
Support us through financial or material donations here.
Join our Google Group or Facebook for new opportunities

One Response to “Membership & Volunteering”
  1. Debbie Herdan says:

    I am really interested to volunteer and participate as a plot manager this season. I am eager to learn alot about tending to vegetable plants!

    Debbie H.

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  • About Prospect Farm

    A small piece of land (about 5,000 square feet) in Brooklyn dedicated to contributing to local, healthy alternatives to the industrial food system.
    Prospect Farm is a community association with membership open to all. Members improve and farm the land and sustain ties with local residents, businesses and organizations. We support the Brooklyn Food Coalition and other initiatives for food sovereignty and food justice.
    Stop by 1194 Prospect Avenue between Seeley and Vanderbilt Sts to watch us grow or volunteer.
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