Compost videos from Annie Hauck

Hello Prospect Farm Members,

Am happy that the frame insert for our ‘Straw Fort’ last year has a new home at Prospect Farm.
You can see its life as a combined insulated compost bin and cold frame to grow salad greens (assembled, filmed and maintained in our front yard due diagonal to Prospect Farm last winter – see videos 4 & 5 at <> ).

Since many Prospect Farm members are involved in composting, our videos on the NBC GreenIsUniversal blog and Facebook page link may be helpful: <>

Finally, we designed and constructed a three-part compost bin for the community gardeners at Ft. Tilden.
Using nearly all re-purposed and found materials, the bin cost about $2.34. See it at <>

Enjoy and best wishes in composting,
Annie Hauck-Lawson


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